I’ve been producing and hosting podcasts since 2006, when I launched DwarfCasts, a series of Red Dwarf podcasts for Ganymede & Titan, the fansite I then worked on.

Since then I’ve continued to develop my skillset in the field, working on several different series over the last decade. Currently active podcasts that I produce and/or host are:

Beyond the Touchline

A brand new podcast about football culture, launched in early 2019 by myself and fellow football writers David Hartrick and Denis Hurley. Beyond the Touchline is all about the movies, TV, books, comics, games and other assorted ephemera that tell the story of our love of the beautiful game. In other words, it’s a football podcast that’s not actually about football itself – but about everything else that surrounds it…

Cinematic Universe

A podcast about superhero and comic book movies. Each episode, movie buff Joe Cunningham enlists myself and fellow comics expert James Hunt to help explore the comics behind the movies. We cover new releases and classic entries alike, with the only criterion be that a film or TV show (or occasionally game) either be based on a superhero character and/or have originated in comics. Since launching in 2015 we have produced nearly 200 episodes (including “minisodes” and bonus eps), and we will reach our one hundredth feature episode in 2019.


An episode-by-episode podcast in which I (solo) review the NBC sitcom The Office (aka The Office: An American Workplace). Launched at the end of 2017 under the original name The People Person’s Paper People, the podcast looks at each episode of the show in chronological sequence, playing in clips of some of the best bits and discussing how the ep stacks up in and contributes to the wider context of the series as a whole.

Social Life

Launched in 2018, Social Life is the in-house podcast for Social Communications, the integrated communications, PR and marketing agency for which I work. I conceived the podcast series and host it, as well as editing and publishing the episodes, working alongside our studio producer Luke Barnett. The show is designed to give a spotlight to the work we do, as well as that of our clients, and pertinent issues in the fields in which we operate.