Below are a few examples of video and audio content I’ve created or been involved in.

Building Batman, Sculpting Superman

In 2016, I was approached by BBC Radio 1 to contribute to an iPlayer video documentary, produced to coincide with the theatrical release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In the two-minute segment, I attempted to explain as concisely as possible the historical on-page relationship between the two DC superheroes.

DC Comics’ Starman: A History in 10 Heroes (in 10 Minutes)

Another “explaining a piece of comics history” video, but produced off my own back, and a little more esoteric. This one runs through the ten different characters who have used the name “Starman” in DC Comics since the 1940s, and how they all relate to one-another.

F1 Colours Presents: The 10 Worst F1 Liveries of All Time

Produced for my website F1 Colours, my first (and so far only, but hopefully not last!) video feature, running down ten utterly dreadful F1 car liveries, with amusing-ish commentary.

Even Men With Steel Hearts

An incredibly daft video made to go with the Half Man Half Biscuit song of the same title – consisting entirely of footage of dogs invading football and cricket pitches. Despite being a totally unofficial thing done for my own edification, it’s somehow clocked up over 2million views.